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Myth for Modern Men: A Letter to My Son

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This is a letter for all parents, fathers, teachers, and sons.

Today, mixed messages about men, masculinity, and boys abound. In this letter to my son I cover the myths and realities related to such topics as: self-discovery, values, identity, emotions, rationality, education, finances, careers, fulfillment, spirituality, relationships, and sex.

Please download this letter for free and may it help all men as they pursue their quests.

"I think Josh's grasp of these ideas is tremendous. He's brought together material from many writers into a format that is accessible. The idea of framing it as a letter to his son is brilliant."

"This is very special in many ways! Clear, concise, well-organized. Definitely my kind of book. I think there's really something here. It’s perfect for teenagers, young adults and everyone, really."

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In my explorations, I disappear often into the mountains, woods, or desert; but I bring along with me good booksgood conversations, and an unrelenting stream of thoughts and dreams. This is where my other explorations take place, deep in my memories, my musings, and the mute abstractions of my psyche.

Today, few places on Earth have gone unseen by human eyes, and the greatest unexplored realms are no longer geographic but occur in our minds and our lives’ work.

The EXPLORER POET Podcast is a continuation of the exploration I began when I was young. My objective is to have meaningful conversations with people who are exploring our Physical Reality (nature, science, physics, chemistry, biology, space, and technology) and our Abstract Reality (history, psychology, culture, religion, spirituality, art, creativity, and magic).

Come explore with me!

– Josh

The Explorer Poet

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