What this is About

Conversations that Connect is an open minded exploration of ideas, in which four people participate in a recorded conversation. The goal of each conversation is to harness a shared consciousness for learning and growth; a collaborative, mental and emotional stretching exercise; and a safe space to seek clarity, understanding, and connection.

Conversations that Connect is an extension of the Explorer Poet Podcast. The objective is meaningful, open, explorative conversations about our Physical Reality (nature, science, physics, chemistry, biology, space, and technology) and our Abstract Reality (history, psychology, culture, religion, spirituality, art, creativity, and magic). Conversations recorded during our events will be shared on the Explorer Poet Podcast.


Conversations that Connect is a community hosted through meetup.com. Conversations take place in person. You can submit a request to join the community, and if selected, participate in live conversation with like-minded people. 

To be selected you must answer a question in the event RSVP. There are no correct responses but preference will be given to those who demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and curiosity, as well an ability to articulate their thoughts. 

Ideal candidates are emotionally aware enough to understand and respect boundaries, and intellectually hungry enough to desire learning over teaching. When the participants have been selected, they will be notified of the location directly. 





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